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Introducing S.A.M. - Your Pool's Ultimate Solution For Fighting Algae!


Pool Protection Technologies (PPT) presents S.A.M, the revolutionary pool maintenance system that brings peace of mind to pool owners. With S.A.M, owning a pool becomes cost-effective, low-maintenance, and worry-free. Read about how S.A.M. works here!


🔹 Cost Savings: Reduce chemical usage by 30-70% and eliminate the need for frequent treatments, saving you money on pool maintenance expenses.


🔹 Environmentally Friendly: S.A.M.'s advanced technology promotes a cleaner and greener pool environment, minimizing the impact on nature.


🔹 Minimal Maintenance: Say goodbye to time-consuming algae treatments. S.A.M.'s ultra-sound technology proactively prevents algae blooms, reducing the need for reactive measures.


🔹 Unmatched Reliability: Trust S.A.M. as your dependable pool assistant, ensuring your pool remains crystal clear and inviting throughout the year.


Experience a new era of pool ownership with S.A.M.


3 Year Warranty


Pool Protection Technologies - Your partner in effortless pool maintenance.

S.A.M.- Floating Algae Killer

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