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Frequently Asked Questions about Algae in Pools

Seeking further assistance with algae in your pool? Allow us to address some common inquiries and provide comprehensive responses.


Can one swim in a pool with algae?

In theory, it is possible, but it is strongly advised against. Algae itself is not directly harmful to swimmers. However, pools infested with abundant algae can harbor perilous bacteria and pathogens such as E-coli. Furthermore, if the water appears cloudy due to the presence of algae, it can pose a hazard as swimmers may be unable to discern the bottom of the pool. To ensure safety, it is best to refrain from swimming in a pool that lacks proper sanitation and thorough cleaning.

How does one treat algae in saltwater pools?

Eradicating algae in a saltwater pool entails the same procedure as that of a conventionally chlorinated pool. It is crucial to remember that a saltwater pool is, in essence, a chlorine pool wherein salt is employed to generate chlorine instead of relying on chemical additives. Similar to a traditional chlorine pool, employing calcium hypochlorite shock, commonly known as cal-hypo shock, is advisable. For detailed instructions, we recommend perusing our comprehensive guide on eliminating algae from saltwater pools.

Does a phosphate remover effectively eradicate algae in pools?

Phosphate removers function by obstructing the nutrient source that sustains algae. As the phosphates in the water increase, so does the available nourishment for algae to thrive. However, it is important to note that phosphate removers alone cannot resolve fundamental issues related to water chemistry, such as low chlorine levels or improper pH levels. If you diligently maintain proper water sanitation by utilizing chlorine, algaecide, and periodic pool shock, the use of a phosphate remover should not be necessary. For further insight, we invite you to consult our comprehensive guide on phosphates in pool water.

Does shock treatment effectively eliminate algae in pools?

Indeed, shock treatment is a fundamental component in eradicating algae from pools. By significantly elevating the free chlorine levels in the pool water, shock treatment causes contaminants like algae to perish. The severity of the algae growth determines the number of shock doses required, typically ranging from 2 to 4. Following the application of shock treatment, it is normal for the water to appear cloudy. However, the cloudiness should dissipate after running the pool filter. It is advisable to vacuum and brush the pool before administering shock treatment, as this aids in dislodging and loosening significant accumulations of algae.

How can I prevent algae from growing in my pool?

If you find that your pool is particularly prone to algae blooms, it is highly recommended to consider investing in an effective algae preventer like the S.A.M. product offered by Pool Protection Technologies. These specialized products are designed to proactively inhibit the growth of algae within your pool. By incorporating an algae preventer into your pool maintenance routine, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of algae-related issues.

The benefits of using an algae preventer are manifold. Firstly, it helps eliminate the costs associated with treating and eradicating algae outbreaks. Algae infestations can quickly become a persistent and costly problem, requiring extensive treatments and potentially damaging your pool equipment. By preventing algae growth in the first place, you can avoid these expenses altogether.

Furthermore, an algae preventer helps maintain a consistently algae-free pool throughout the year. Algae growth not only affects the aesthetics of your pool, but it can also create an unhealthy environment for swimmers. By incorporating a reliable algae preventer into your pool maintenance routine, you can ensure that your pool remains clean, clear, and inviting at all times.

Investing in an algae preventer like Pool Protection Technologies' S.A.M. product demonstrates a proactive approach to pool care, safeguarding both your pool's longevity and the enjoyment of its users. With regular use of an algae preventer, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a pristine and algae-free pool, free from the hassles and expenses of dealing with recurring algae issues.

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