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Protecting Your Oasis: Safeguarding Pools for Peace of Mind

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Pool Solution Recommendations

Our team of pool technicians utilize top of the line experience and skill to make expert recommendations for custom pool solutions. Whatever problems that you face with pool management, our team has seen it, lived it, and fixed it. Order here or contact us below with any questions.

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S.A.M. is a surface mounted device that protects your pool by emitting ultrasonic waves that continuously eliminate and prevent algae blooms. Reduce your chemical use, save money, and simplify your pool maintenance by pre-ordering a S.A.M. today. Join our exclusive product development newsletter or click below to learn more about how our amazing technology works.


 Treatment Solutions

At Pool Protection Technologies, we offer a variety of solutions for every pool owners needs. Check out our shop for pool treatment products that best suite you.  If you'd like to learn more about how to maintain your pool, we've got helpful guides on things like "The Top 5 Myths of Owning a Pool"

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1) Reduced Chemical Usage

Achieve a chlorine reduction of 30-70%, maintain pH balance, and keep your water clear with our chemical-free algae treatment.

2) Cost Savings

Cut costs by reducing your expenditure on pool chemicals and cleaning services.

3) Simplified Maintenance

Streamline your pool maintenance routine by eliminating algae growth.


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